author visit:common core cafeThis past Friday I had the great privilege to visit an elementary school. The school was so welcoming and excited to have me share my picture books, Rubber Shoes and Pink Fire Trucks.  I was pleased to meet teachers who are working extremely hard to make sure their students’ needs are met.  As a first grade teacher with a classroom full of varying levels it is quite challenging to make sure that all students have access to the curriculum. One has to modify class lessons and assignments to ensure that students are not lost, but working at their zone of proximal development.  We teachers are constantly searching for ways to bring books to life, to help students become metacognitive readers and to find activities that will create cooperative learning and discussion.

To my surprise, the person who invited me to this elementary school is also the common core coordinator for the school district.  She even has her own blog, The Common Core Café.  I am always doing different activities to connect my students to the messages and lessons of the picture books that I read in class. It’s pretty neat to see how teachers are bringing my stories to life in their classroom.   I hope you as a parent, teacher or picture book lover will be able to learn something new. Thank you Ms. Gabi for sharing and for inviting me to your school. It was an amazing day!

Enjoy this teacher activity write up on Pink Fire Trucks: