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 Arte Público Press, May 2016

Felicia always feels very small when she and her mom walk by the huge homes and beautiful gardens to the house where her mother works as a cleaning lady. “I need you to behave,” her mother says, reminding her of all the things she should and shouldn’t do.

But Felicia gets bored, and in spite of her mother’s warnings, begins to explore. She finds a bedroom full of toys. How she wished that her house looked like this! From a window she sees an inviting swing set in the back yard, and soon she’s breaking all of her mother’s rules.

When Mrs. Fitzpatrick comes outside, Felicia can’t help but wonder if the woman knows she was roaming through the house. To her surprise, the red-headed woman offers her lemonade and cookies instead of a scolding. Soon the two realize that even though they live in different worlds they have something in common. This bilingual picture book will lend itself to conversations about hopes and dreams and the differences among people.



2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

2016 Int’l Latino Book Awards

2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

Spirited Gladys Elizabeth has a big problem: her pesky little sister. But when the monsters come out at night and interrupt her sleep, she realizes she is not up for the challenge. An unlikely ally shows up just in time, and Gladys Elizabeth learns a valuable lesson about the meaning of family.



2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards

2014 Int’l Latino Book Awards

Spirited Gladys Elizabeth is at it again! It is CAREER DAY at school and Gladys Elizabeth boldly announces that she is going to be a firegirl. After a classmate tells her that girls cannot fight fires, Gladys Elizabeth proves that she can be whatever she wants to be!


2011 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 2012 Int'l Latino Book Awards

2012 Int’l Latino Book Awards

2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards

Spirited Gladys Elizabeth is more than disappointed when her mother buys her the “ugliest” shoes in the world. She devises a foolproof plan in hopes of destroying her ugly shoes. However Gladys Elizabeth doesn’t account for the sturdiness of her shoes and in the end learns a valuable lesson in gratitude.


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