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My name is Gladys Elizabeth Barbieri. I am first grade teacher, dreamer, bilingual children’s author, hopeless romantic, a forever student and an avid reader.  I also teach a community yoga class. I hope to learn more about yoga and deepen my practice. I wish I would eat healthier and that I were fluent in Italian.  When I see a star I make a wish. Everyday before going home my first graders and I give magic to the student of the day so that our wishes come true ( and they do and they will in case you forgot).  I am fascinated by how little people learn to read, acquire language and use these skills to become budding writers.  When I read an article that provides a new approach to literacy, I try it out, tweak it and on this blog I will most definitely write about it.  I know that all children are capable of learning. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit for that particular student to ignite that spark of wonder.  I love that yoga has reminded me how it feels to be a six year old learning new and sometimes intimidating things. And I love that yoga teachers have gently reminded me that when I stumble, it’s not a matter of failure, but another opportunity to get up and try yet again. Image


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