Saving the Rainforest, One Colorful Magnet At A Time

In exploring relationships between homes and habitats, and how animals adapt to their environment, our K/1 class spent the year learning about rainforest systems. We read books, researched facts and wrote informative reports. We also wrote a book sharing our learnings and mailed it to our friends at our partner school, Palms Elementary. Likewise, they wrote and mailed us a book where we learned about the Ocean Systems. It was a nice collaboration of systems thinking, and it allowed for our students to see what other K/1 kids are learning.

rainforest system.jpg

Some of the learnings shared are:

“It makes me sad that people are cutting down the rainforest, and indigenous peoples’ homes.”

“The rainforest has four layers. I didn’t used to know that. And the trees are very tall, because the trees by my house are not that big.”

“I like the music of the rainforest because the trees sing like a concert.”

“The trees give homes to animals and deforestation is bad because you’re actually making it hard for the animals to survive. And if you keep cutting down trees, you’re actually making the glaciers melt.”


Our little ones also made a short video highlighting their favorite facts about the animals they researched. We shared it at our end of the year breakfast and the parents loved it!

In addition, for our service learning project our students created magnets. They drew them, colored and painted them. Here are a few!

magnets 2.jpg

magnets 1.jpg

We sold these colorful magnets to raise money for rainforest conservation efforts. Our little ones raised $255 and the money was donated to the Rainforest Foundation US.