HAPPY 2015 – Use Your Wings and Fly!

bird on tree.believe in yourselfI’ve always been intrigued by birds. I love watching them soar through the sky, swirling, dancing and following an innate language of movement all their own.  I hear their song in the early dawn and imagine they are chirping just for me. I used to ask others if they could hear them, but more often than not, people would say they didn’t hear any birds chirping or that I was making it up.  I sometimes wonder if birds ever get nervous of being so high or of falling? I imagine they mustn’t since they are doing what they are designed to do – to simply fly.

Lately, when I walk or jog, I hear them chirp vibrantly, so much so that I am now getting in the habit of sitting on the curb to listen to their mini concert.  Once, an elderly man said to me as I sat and listened, “That’s God’s music.” I about cried when I heard this because this stranger understood exactly what I felt in my heart. Strangely enough, on my strolls I make it a point to pass his home, but I haven’t seen him since.

Also, it seems to me the more books I read, the more I wake up in the middle of the night to write. And the more I write, the more I dream and see things that are bizarrely accurate or come true. I realize I am living in two different worlds.  I suppose this is true for all who open themselves up to the creative side of things, The Artist’s Way. I have heard this from musicians, artists, writers and dancers, even artists still keeping their gifts a secret.  I have experienced this truth: the more one opens themselves to travel though this portal of dreams, words and energy – what I know to be GOD, the more life takes flight, literally and figuratively, to places we could never have imagined. My life is far from perfect. The ups and downs are always present. But celebrating the small victories and sharing them with trusted loved ones makes the difficulties dissipate.  Before Christmas my dad said to me, “I know you are an intuitive person-listen to it and continue to have God in your heart. With God in your heart you can never fail.” 

Something else I’ve observed by watching birds is that they are rarely alone. If a bird swoops down off a tree, you can bet on a few more birds to quickly come and follow. Reminds me that we are never alone and it’s nice to have support when starting new and challenging adventures.

In 2015, may we use our wings and fly to start a family, go on a date, fall in love, open a new school where children will have the opportunity to express themselves through art, creative play and music, write a screenplay, make a new friend, go back to school even though you’re a full time mommy and have a full time job, volunteer at a women’s shelter, find peace, plant a garden, make amends with your parents, compose the music that’s trapped inside your soul, learn to trust in the good of people, help others fly….the possibilities are endless.

Today, with this inflight knowledge, smile and realize you are truly blessed. Today, wherever your journey may take you, embark on it with courage and endless joy, as today you fly on the wings of God. 

-Sandra Elaine Scott in Mañana Starts Today