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THE SHIFT: A Movie Made By A Movement

butterflyI came across an email my sister sent me saying, “I want to see this movie! Let’s go.” I clicked on the link and began to watch the movie trailer for THE SHIFT. In an instant I was hooked. I wholeheartedly know and feel that our world as we know is changing for the better.  While that isn’t necessarily depicted on news channels and other sources of media, every day I see the random acts of kindness people bestow on others.  And while for some that might not be a game changer, it is.  Every time someone chooses love and kindness it starts a ripple effect and that gets passed on and on.

My team teacher had a yoga workshop for kids a few months ago and my sister enrolled her two children in the program. My sister shared that her 7 year old was having a fit about something or other and then he did something unexpected. He went to his room and a few minutes later he came back and told his mom, “I’m better now.” My sister, surprised, asked what had changed. He said, “I practiced my yoga breathing and it helped calm me down.”  Now while this might not seem like a big deal, it is. There has been a change, a shift in how to deal with conflict and this is essential for an individual to tackle life in a healthy manner.

I’m still working on my yoga certification and I hope to offer community yoga for the families where I work  in the fall.  My team teacher is on a mission to empower parents and educators to better support ours students and children through a program called Echo Parenting & Education. My best friend is tirelessly working to provide comprehensive healthcare, heath education and emotional support for women and children in low income communities. Lovely Penny is always fundraising and bringing awareness for the need to support the arts and music programs in schools that are unfortunately dwindling due to budget cutbacks.  I can go on and on, but the point is there are a lot of people who are collectively part of this shift in consciousness.  I hope you enjoy the trailer as much as I have. I’m excited to the see what the future brings, I’m excited to see people’s efforts bring positive changes and I look forward to watching this movie.