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2014 San Francisco Book Festival

san francisco book festival


My family immigrated to San Francisco from Nicaragua and El Salvador in the early 1950’s.  My dad worked at the the Top of the Mark as a busboy as he hustled to pay for his college education at San Francisco State University.  My mom worked as a nanny for an affluent family and as a chamber maid at a hotel so she could pay for her college courses at San Francisco City College.  Both my sister and I were born in San Francisco.  I went to the University of San Francisco. My little sister went to UC Berkeley and my little brother is currently studying at San Francisco State.  And even though I was raised and still live in Los Angeles, San Francisco is home to me in so many ways. I experienced so many firsts here and experienced lots of joy and sadness in this beautiful city.  At USF I took a Latino Literature course with “Padre Pelón.  He took the class on a field trip to City Lights Bookstore where I had the opportunity to listen to Sandra Cisneros read from her book, House On Mango Street.  I was so overcome with emotion at listening to this oh so cool lady at this oh so cool venue I thought I could die.  Padre Pelón said, “That could be you mija if you get serious about your writing.”  I laughed it off and twenty years later, I’m finally taking him up on his advice.  Rest in peace Padre Pelón…you are the perfect example of an inspiring teacher and friend.

PINK FIRE TRUCKS: 2014 San Francisco Book Festival: Children’s Books Honorable Mention

What does this mean friends? It means my name is mentioned, I’m starting out and I have my foot in the door;)

Lastly, a big yahoo to the book winners!



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