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New Day, New Opportunity, New Blog

Wishes given to me by my student.

Wishes given to me by my student.


While I don’t want to go into specifics, I will say that these few weeks have been both physically and emotionally challenging.  Nothing is guaranteed and nothing is forever.  How long have I said to myself that I would start my blog. I think a year already.  My sister, and wise old owl told me that in every perceived crisis there is a great opportunity.  The other wise old owl said that one thing we can be certain of is that no matter what, the sun will always rise. So here’s my opportunity. Last week a miracle was presented to me by my six year old first grader.  I’ve looked haggard these days with my swollen eye syndrome and white tissue bits stuck to my teary eyes and red snotty nose.  My student, a cute little girl with a soft voice handed me a drawing. You look sad so I made you some wishes.” And on the drawing I see that she drew a night sky and lots of bright yellow stars.  God knows I needed to be reminded that in this magnificent world things are perfectly designed.  The rest of the students crowded around and they started to chant, “Ms. Barbieri, close your eyes and make a wish.” And I did. When I opened my eyes I was surrounded by my students, arms spread out sending magic to my wishes. I look forward to sharing the wonderful things that happen in the classroom, articles that inspire and news about my picture books.  I hope to create a community of committed, kind, nurturing and enlightened individuals so that our children grow up knowing miracles reside in their spirits as well as in ours. Feel free to share this blog with anyone whom you might think would be interested. Thanks again for all of your support. Big love hug:)



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  1. Gladys, What a beautiful beginning! Thank you for sharing your inspiring experiences with us! Carrie

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